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Made for the discriminating shopper, this thick, quality hanging towel is made with durability in mind.  We use the whole towel, making each one double sided for twice the drying space. Each towel is stitched with a serger, gathered and then the buttoned top is double stitched encasing the top of the towel.  This extra attention ensures that your hanging towel will withstand repeated use.

Our towels are available in a variety of colors and themes for every occasion.  They work well in the kitchen, as well as on the hanging ring or towel bar in the bathroom.

CARE:  Made from 100% cotton material, they will withstand repeated machine wash and dry. 

Have you thought about giving hanging towels as gifts?  

  • Special occasions, Holidays, Birthdays, Welcome to the Neighborhood!
  • Add a spatula, a spoon or another kitchen utensil with a hanging towel and give the bundle as a house warming gift.
  • A variety of hanging towels representing several seasons make a welcome wedding gift.
  • Going to a dinner party?  A bottle of wine and a hanging towel for a hostess gift.  The wine might be gone by the end of the night but the hanging towel will continue to be used.
  • Headed to a potluck?  Share your dish and leave a hanging towel as a thank you for the person responsible for coordinating the get together. 


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