All About Daisy Gals Creations

Welcome to Daisy Gals Creations!  We are fun-loving sister gals who enjoy creating and crafting practical, but unique items. We come from a long line of creative women who made the things the family times from new materials, but other times from used fabric that were no longer needed. What we call up-cycled today was a value instilled in us from the beginning.

Many of our products came about because we couldn't find the item we wanted, and being the unstoppable Alaskan gals that we are, we used what materials we had and made things happen. This was not unusual. We'd been making things we wanted since we were kids. The surprise was our family and friends started asking us to start making our things for them. We found we were having a great time and that's how Daisy Gals Creations came about.

We are excited to bring our products to you.  We hope you will find just the right piece to fit your need.  Enjoy our shop and let us know if you have any comments, questions or just want to chat with another crafter.