Shoes on light green. Weighted Organizer with pincushion.

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This organizer is weighted and can be perched on an arm rest, side table, as well as by a sewing machine.  The hanging pocket has ample space to hold a TV remote, book and flashlight, or a stuffed animal. A non-slip piece of shelf liner is sewn to the back of the weighted pouch to keep it in place.

Size:  Pouch 10”H x 9”L

Care:  Machine wash  and air dry.

Website for pattern I use:

Multiple places to use for organization.  

  • Car/Truck dash for trash
  • On a mantel for holiday cards
  • Cropping, sewing, and card making classes and retreats
  • Over an armrest of a chair or recliner
  • Walker/Wheelchair or a bedrail in a hospital.
  • Between a mattress and boxspring to hold eyeglasses, book, flashlight, phone, remotes and more.
  • In the laundry room to keep those "found" items